Intumescent Coatings

 We are approved applicators of Fireshield Intumescent Coatings which enables us to achieve a Group 1s fire rating.

Our heated workshop, enclosed spray booth and drying room allows us to give a smooth sprayed finish for intumescent coatings. Using our Graco procontractor Mark V we have all the equipment to successfully meet specifications set by the manufactures and councils to achieve approval.

We have completed projects throughout New Zealand and the Pacific using a range of timbers, sprayed in clear and stained finishes.


What is Fireshield intumescent coatings?

The appearance of Fireshield Intumescent Coating system is similar to a paint or clear sprayed finish. When there is a fire the intumescent coating is exposed to high temperature it causes a chemical reaction. This causes the intumescent coating to foam to many times its original size, allowing the substrate to be protected.